Arkadia ShortFest 2018 announces the official selection for the shortfilms in competition

Arkadia ShortFest 2018 begins with a retrospective of its first four editions
July 29, 2018
Expo ShortFest: Fighting with Mozart
August 11, 2018

The fifth edition of Arkadia ShortFest shortfilms competition will take place between 15 and 18 august, at the seaside.

Filmmakers coming from different countries like Spain, Portugal, Phillipines, France, Belgium, Estonia, Slovakia, Iran, Hungary, Brazil and Great Britain will have their films projected on the Arkadia ShortFest screen, while the audience can enjoy the warm sand under their feet and the seawind carressing their skin.

This year, the two section of the festival include 23 films from 12 countries, student competition (fiction student short film) gathering 8 short films and the non-competition section (fiction professional short film, documentary or animation, with 15 films.

In the last 3 days of the festival, the audience can watch 4 sets from the two sections carefully selected by the festivals spotters Gabriela Suciu and Martin Gonda: “While constantly exploring the future of short films, Arkadia brings homage to the past and opens the festival with the movie Loving Vincent, which was nominated for the Academy Award for animation feature film and afterwards the retrospective of the formerly winning films. For this year the festival promises a student competition made of young, talented filmmakers which are innovating through a wide spectrum of filming techniques to challenge the audience with some unique cinema experiences beginning by entertaining and later on coming to deal with crucial social issues.”

The official selection of the films showed at Unbar, near the Corbu beach, is given bellow:

Competition selection:

1.Mezzo Piano! (r. Eugen Dediu, 2018, Romania, 17 min)
2. The Test (r. Gregor Valentovič, 2016, Slovakia, 28 min)
3. Misterul unui caz simplu (r. Vera Surățel, 2017, Romania, 18 min)
4. Husband Jan with Family (r. Pavol Čižmár, 2016, Slovakia, 20 min)
5. Aterizare de urgență (r. Lorand Gabor, 2017, Romania, 20 min)
6. Birthday Night (r. Omid Shams, 2017, Iran, 23 min)
7. Narcis și Fifi (r. Șerban Racovițeanu, 2017, Romania, 29 min)
8. Magic Moments (r. Martina Buchelová, 2016, Slovakia, 20 min)

Non-competition selection:

  • Cadoul de Crăciun (r. Bogdan Mureșanu, 2018, Romania, 23 min)
    • Lost in The Middle (r. Senne Dehandschutter, 2017, Belgium | 16 min)
    • Night Painting (r. Cristina Grosan, 2016, Hungary, 17 min)
    • Para ayer (r. Celia Galán, 2018, Spain, 6 min)
    • The Good Fight (r. Ben Holman, 2017, Brazil / Great Britain, 16 min)
    • Kun’ Di Man / If Not (r. Alem Ang, 2016, Phillipines, 19 min)
    • Inlove (r. Lopez Les Frères, 2018, France, 7 min)
    • Bystander (r. Sheyda Kashi, 2017, Iran, 9 min)
    • Wild Game (r. Jerónimo Sarmiento, 2018, Estonia / Portugal, 24 min)
    • Alazia (r. Cristian Pascariu, 2018, Romania, 14 min)
    • Nikki Marianne (r. Guillaume Caramelle, 2017, France, 15 min)
    • Silent Campine (r. Steffen Geypens, 2017, Belgium, 15 min)
    • La parcelle (r. Michaël Guerraz, 2018, Belgium / France, 19 min)
    • Cazatalentos (r. José Herrera, 2018, Spain, 7 min)
    • Un día en el parquet (r. Diego Porral, 2017, Spain, 3 min)

The last four editions the Arkadia trophy had been offered following the audience’s vote, but this year we will have a   jury made of professionals from cinema. This jury made of Ionuț Mareș, Georgiana Mușat and Bogdan Th. Olteanu will decide the winner for this year’s student competition.

Ionuţ Mareş is journalist and film critique. He publishes interviews and cinema reviews mainly in Metropolis journal in Bucarest. He is an invited-critique for programs of cinema education named Éducation à l’image and CinEd and spotter for    Ceau, Cinema! (Timișoara) festival,   Zilele Filmului Românesc (Romanian Film Days) (Chișinău) and for short films competition  Festivalul  Anonimul (Sfântu Gheorghe).

Georgiana Muşat is also a film critique. She writes for Scena9, Acoperișul de Sticlă, FILM magazine, Film Menu. She graduated Film Directing Faculty at UNATC and she is presently doing a master in filmology.

Bogdan Theodor Olteanu is an independent film director. He wrote and directed several shortfilms such as Duminică dimineața (25 min.), Lampioane chinezești (20 min.), a feature film and a theatre show. His feature film Câteva conversații despre o fată foarte înaltă (75 min.) will be screened immediately after the closing of the festival, on 18 august, in the presence of the producer, the actors and himself.

In addition, the fifth edition comes with a new special section Focus: Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava (VSMU Bratislava) reuniting the best student films from Slovakia in present times. (Gabriela Suciu). The festival’s program is available online here.


Arkadia ShortFest film festival is organized by Asociația Culturală Arkadia  in partnership with Unbar.

Main sponsor: Kaufland Romania

Supported by: Honda, Alfa Rom Trans, Shop4Office, Novatik

Partners: Epson, Techir, WWF-România, Decathlon

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