Arkadia ShortFest 2018 begins with a retrospective of its first four editions

Set your expectations for Corbu and the surroundings
July 14, 2018
Arkadia ShortFest 2018 announces the official selection for the shortfilms in competition
July 29, 2018

How can we celebrate change better if not looking back at everything we have built and taking pride in it?

The opening of the festival takes place Wednesday 15 august, from 21:30 and we will have on screen the winning that had won the trophy in the 4 years of festival. This trophy had been conquered every year only by Romanian productions, though we had movies competing from all over the world.

The films from retrospective the Arkadia ShortFest’s fifth edition are:   Vibrația (2014, r. Germain Kanda), Acordajul profesorului Octav (2015, d. Germain Kanda), O noapte în Tokoriki (2016, d. Roxana Stroe), Pipa, sexul și omleta (2017, d. Ana-Maria Comănescu).

The director Germain Kanda won two trophies. The first one, with Vibrația (Vibration), where he exposes the phenomenon of vibration, based on the physics theory and on its description by the means of the several modalities of manifestation and perception, by musical instruments, human voice, dance, dispositions and even matter. And the second prize, for the film Acordajul profesorului Octav , a musical comedy describing  the problem of a scientist who discovers he can no longer smile and he needs to solve it-but with no result. Finally, he finds the solution with the help of music.

On the hot sand of august, we’ll be watching as well O noapte în Tokoriki , the movie directed by Roxana Stroe which had been premiered at Berlin Film Festival 2016, receiving form the jury of Generation 14plus section the special prize for the best short film. The action is taking place in an improvised discotheque called   „Tokoriki, where the entire village is celebrating the coming of age of Gianina. Her lover together with Alin are preparing for her a present which no none will forget.

It is here at seaside that we are going to see how Victor is attracted by Filip’s wife and Filip is attracted by Victor’s wife. They are good neighbours and even very good friends. How will they be handling the problem in the film directed by Ana-Maria Comănescu în Pipa, sexul și omleta?

The festival begins with a challenging retrospective. Are you prepared to see who is going to win the trophy this year?