At its fifth edition, Arkadia Shotfest changes the mise en scène!

Starting this year we are leaving the machinery hall of the Camexip Factories. We are moving next to Corbu beach, Constanta.

During 15-18th of August, just like magic, the metallic splinter turns to sand, mercury-vapor lamps to stars, and the industrial noise from the engine room is replaced by the seagulls calling. 

Under the high patronage of the Sea, the festival offers four days of bathing into contemporary art: short films from all over the world, an exhibition of visual arts, workshops, exceptional DJ sets, alternative experiences and parties till the sun rises from the sea. 

You can come as you are, alone or with your partner, family, pet or all your group of friends. If at a point you want to sleep, do it at the four-star guest houses nearby, at the beachfront cottages or at the tents. Those who know the real deal will sleep directly on the beach.

This summer, we are inviting you all to take a well deserved break from your day-to-day paved road and come explore the Arkadian world! 


Arkadia ShortFest Film Festival’s first four editions, both of them held inside the industrial decor from Camexip factory, managed to make a stir even abroad. The project’s initiators, Arkadia Cultural Association, have represented Romania to Bristol Ecounters film festival, in 2015, with the project Encounters With Romanian Shorts.