Student Shortfilms // Competition
Titlu/ Regizor/ Tara Synopsis
Kimono/ Maurice Hubner/ Germania KIMONO_still_06 A homeless woman slips into the apartment of a young man while looking for something edible. Instead of leaving again, she starts to rearrange the place and live there comfortably. A story about two people who in silent understanding give each other a special sort of closeness and joy.
Rio 2016/ Bianca Rotaru/ România RIO O altfel de copilarie. Doua gimnaste, Teodora si Andreea, de 11 si 13 ani, se antreneaza pentru a ajunge in echipa nationala de gimnastica. Aceasta este o speranta pentru o medalie intr-un sport care a facut istorie pentru Romania.
Fair Fight/ Ortal Sharvit/ Israel fair-fight__medium Based in a low income neighborhood, Eli can't get out of the day to day hardship. His only comfort is Fuxy (Lucky in Hebrew) his dog. Eli needs to choose between family obligations and his dog. Working hard to help his brother paying off a gambling debt as well as saving Fuxy from being a part of dog fights.
Pastila fericirii/ Cecilia Felmeri/ România The Pill of Happiness_still picture 2 Răzbunarea. Te unge pe suflet. Dar totul are un preț...
Death of a Pet/ Clare Macdonald/ Marea Britanie Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 19.45.29 A couple try to protect their young son with unintentionally disastrous consequences...
Pandas/ Matus Vizar/ Cehia pandy_4 După milioane de generații, sunt în pericol de dispariție. Dar într-o zi, au fost descoperiți de o primată supradezvoltată, devenind astfel simpli pioni într-un joc al oamenilor.
Mirikal/ Balazs Turai/ Ungaria gods Trailer imaginat pentru o serie fictiva de animatie: Lollypope deschide cele trei portaluri ale Damnarii si demonii se napustesc asupra umanitatii. Doar trei copii pacatosi mai pot salva universul.
Vibrația/ Germain Kanda/ România Vibration (Germain Kanda, 2013) “Ne înconjoară și mai mult decât atât ea există în interiorul nostru.” O expunere a fenomenului vibrației pornind de la teoria fizică și descris prin variatele sale modalități de manifestare și percepție, prin instrumente muzicale, voce umană, dans, stări sau chiar materie.
Callum/ Michael van der Put/ Marea Britanie Callum Still 8 When his ex girlfriend Joanna is killed at a local train station, average school boy Callum struggles to cope with feelings of guilt, grief and fear. Finding himself increasingly isolated and with the police starting to ask questions, Callum must look for the courage to do the right thing.
Barbakan/ Bartlomiej Zmuda/ Polonia brbk Inspirat de întâmplări reale. Emil B. (21 de ani) se întoarce din Germania. In Polonia, îl aşteaptă Anna (18 ani). Sosirea lui Emil ar trebui să le rezolve problemele financiare. Din nenorocire, se întâmplă ceva rău în timpul călătoriei lui Emil. In ciuda evenimentului, Emil îşi continuă călătoria într-un tren numit «Barbakan».
Treizeci/ Victor Dragomir/ România film still #3 A couple try to protect their young son with unintentionally disastrous consequences...
Versus/ Roxana Andrei/ România VERSUS Al Doilea Razboi Mondial povestit de doua femei: o fiica de cioban ce locuia pe frontul rusesc, o fiica dintr-o familie instarita ce a locuia in satul ocupat de nemti.
Don’t hit the Ground/ Mia Spengler/ Germania NDBB1 Anii ’90, o decadă pestriţă de pop şi superficialitate: Fila, în vârstă de 15 ani şi gaşca sa fac parte din această generaţie. Fila e populară printre prietenii ei, fiind cool, versată şi dezgheţată. Insă la fel e şi Gülcan, care îi devine rivală.
Romanian and worldwide shortfilms
Titlu/ Regizor/ Tara Synopsis
O umbră de nor/ Radu Jude/ România Intr-o zi torida de vara din Bucuresti, preotul Florin Florescu este chemat sa spuna o rugaciune pentru o femeie aflata pe moarte.
Punched/ Michael Rittmannsberger/ Austria After being checked by the police, a young father of Arabic origin fails to explain the situation to his son – unaware that the most inexplicable happenings of this night are yet to come.
Mustache/ Michael Mevorach/ Israel A guy has fun shaving off his beard while preparing for a first date. Hilarity ensues.
Plimbare/ Mihaela Popescu/ România O femeie în vârstă decide să iasă din casă şi să se simtă din nou însufleţită.
The Chauffeur/ Clare Macdonald/ Marea Britanie Set in 1960s Helsinki, The Chauffeur tells the humorous and poignant story of a driver on his way to pick up an important passenger - and his idol - Bob Dylan.
Vocea a doua/ Daniel Sandu/ Romania Gabi, a social worker at a foster house, finds herself trapped in her own preconceptions when a gypsy mother comes to take her children home for Christmas.
Scene 16/ Katie Wall/ Australia India White, a semi-famous and highly ambitious soap actress, struggles to find authenticity in break-up scene she is rehearsing. Her oblivious, live-in boyfriend, Luka interrupts her while she is rehearsing which results in heated words. Charged, India seamlessly steps into the dialogue from her script where she finally nails each line with perfection. She preciously carries her emotional state onto set; only to find out they have dropped the breakup scene due to a change in her character’s storyline.
Counterpart/ Adrian Sitaru/ România | Marea Britanie 31 year old real-estate agent Alex lives with his 20 year old girlfriend Lily. They live in a new build with all the mod-cons just around the corner from the council estates they grew up in. They spend most of their time together working out and sun bathing. But someone is watching them from across the street and the day they meet is the day their lives begin to change.
Electric Indigo/ Jean-Julien Collette/ Belgia | Franța Indigo, a girl with a rather unusual route, mentally recalls her life from her birth till the event which led her to emancipate. She grew up in a family with two heterosexual fathers, Rubén, the Spaniard, and Tony, the American, united in the bonds of a non-carnal marriage, who had decided to raise their daughter together, born to a surrogate mother. But when she decides to get back Indigo, things get more complicated...
Excursie/ Adrian Sitaru/ România După ce află că extratereștrii au aterizat în România, Eugen (9 ani) fură o cameră video din magazinul unde tatăl său este angajat ca paznic și începe să își filmeze viața de zi cu zi. Curând, copilul dispare in mod misterios. Când micuțul este găsit, imaginile filmate sunt interpretate in mod greșit de către mass-media.
Cigano/ Pablo Munoz Gomez/ Portugalia Sebastian is a wealthy young man. He finds out he has a flat tire and ends up accepting help from a Gypsy passer by. In return Sebastian will have to give him a ride home - but they won't reach their expected destination.
Skok/ Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov/ Bulgaria A film about the big jump of the little man.
Kazimir/ Dorian Boguță/ România
In a secluded village from the Danube Delta, a deacon called Kazimir uses his mysterious powers to heal the villagers of their afflictions. But the forces of good and evil balance each other, and the nights are not peaceful for Kazimir, the few inhabitants of Sfantu Gheorghe and some naïve visitors. They couldn’t have come at a worse time.
Colecția de arome/ DIgor Cobileanski/ România To get the necessary daily medication for his mother, Victor and his father resort to the toughest and dangerous solution. Physical survival in the context of poverty is cruel and sometimes can irretrievably destroy human values.
Welkom/ David, Bonneville/ Portugalia Jorge loves his father. His father loves a chicken. Jorge doesn’t like the chicken, he wants it in a henhouse. Before building the henhouse, Jorge needs a license. But it’s hard to get something when your garden is in Flanders and you don’t speak dutch.