On Friday morning we take a break from the short films and we make our own movie.

We start at 9:30, we make the bike casting and at 10:00, on the soundtrack of waves and pedals, we head towards the Histria Citadel. The first part lasts 28 km, around 2 and a half hours, depending on the pedaling pace and the outside temperature. We stop for short breaks at local shops. .

We take frames on the DJ226 road, a paved road approachable with a city bike, on the Corbu-Săcele-Nuntași route, with a final zoom-in on the Histria Citadel. The main scene takes place inside the Citadel, with the voice-over monologue of the archaeological site guide. Next, until 15:00, we have time to shoot doubles and take a nap. The second part of the cycle trip will have the same set-up to Corbu.

For flashbacks and beautiful memories, costume, hydration and good mood are required. In order not to have unwanted special effects, please follow the rules below.

The Arkadia Cyclo-trip is a relaxing bicycle tour, the pace will be about 15-20 km/h on a route without technical difficulties. However, for the safety of the participants, please keep in mind a few rules:
  • Participants must have adequate equipment (mandatory helmet), including raincoats if the weather forecast announces such phenomena, liquid bottle;
  • Participants must have 1-2 spare tyres for their own bicycle;
  • While traveling, please listen to the leaders of the group and do not pass them;
  • Please be at the meeting point in the morning 30 minutes before, for a short bike check
  • Arkadia does not provide water / snacks, so please come prepared with your own resources.
Every person needs to know their own physical capabilities. Participation is at your own risk, Arkadia assumes no responsibility for any injuries.

The Arkadia Cyclo-trip is a co-production. The costs provided by Arkadia are listed below:

Arkadia provides:
  • Tour Leaders
  • 2 safety cars
  • tools
  • tire repair kits
  • pumps
  • guided free tour at Histria Citadel
Mandatory equipment for participants:
  • Bicycle in good working order
  • spare tyres for their own bicycle
  • adequate equipment
  • liquids for hydration
  • snacks
  • lightweight backpack
  • 09:30:Participants gathering

  • 09:30 - 10:00: Bike inspection

    pressure check, general status check
  • 10:00: Departure

  • 10:00 - 12:30: Cyclo-Trip

    • - 2 stops for hydration depending on temperature and rhythm
    • - The stops are in villages, near the shops
  • 12:30 - 15:00: Histria

    • Citadel visit
    • Free time
  • 15:00: Departure to Corbu

  • 17:00: Arrival at Corbu