The curatorial concept Art Factory arrives at Arkadia ShortFest 2016

Submissions for Arkadia ShortFest 2016
April 9, 2016
13 countries have inscribed their movies for Arkadia ShortFest Competition
July 29, 2016

Arkadia Cultural Associaton and Fără Nume Association (No Name Association) will be collaborating for the 3rd edition of Arkadia ShortFest Film festival, bringing into the attention of the public fond of unconventional art the Art Factory project.

For 3 days Camexip Factories will shelter a complex exhibition, born out of the curatorial concept Art Factory, a concept launched last year by Fără Nume Association. The main goal for Art Factory’s initiative is to revitalize abandoned places and reintegrate them into community.

The basic values shared by this project are the creative dialogue, non-formal education, social involvement of youth and raising the awareness of the public as for the present issues of the urban environment, values that are being promoted by Arkadia ShortFest even from its beginnings.

Fără Nume Association was founded in 2015 by a young historians and artists group searching to concentrate all their initiatives on actions meant to ease the access of the largest number possible, from rural or urban areas, to the contemporary art and education.

First gallery project developed by Fără Nume Association is called The Nomad Gallery. By this, they wish to remove art from classical galleries and move it into new, unusual spaces.  This project, as well as the others association’s initiatives, are a part of the curatorial concept Art Factory, with an intention to make easier the access to art and culture and stimulate imagination and public’s interest.

Arkadia ShortFest  Third Edition will take place during 2-4 September 2016 in Băicoi, Prahova district.